I ran across this amazing piece of aftermarket craftsmanship online today. The photo set includes 243 photos of interior work being done on a Nissan 300ZX (Z32). I have never seen a post like this showing so much detail of what goes into doing a proper interior and I must say it is impressive. This company appears to be located in Japan but I will make it my goal to find a company like that nearby here in the U.S. so that I can get this done to my 300ZX and future interior upgrade projects that come along.

These pictures are just a small sample of those from the album which can be seen in all of its glory on the Filif Factory Facebook page here:

Filif Factory Z32 300ZX Interior Upgrade Album

I only wish the photo album contained pictures of the interior installed in the car, I’m sure it looked amazing. I’m guessing that they don’t have the completed pictures though since they likely did this for a customer and weren’t there for the final install.

At any rate, this is inspirational and is exactly the kind of aftermarket work I aspire to have done on my project cars. Taking a car that might be lacking in technology or luxuriousness and doing high quality work to bring an older car to its former glory and beyond!


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  1. James L Nelson on

    I realize this post is 4 years old, but “Thank You” anyway. I’m contemplating what to do with my 300zx interior and this was very helpful, along with the link to the the Filif Factory. Gorgeous work. I have been contemplating using Ridies (https://ridies.com/) to save some dollars but am awe of the work that went into the upholstery above. Very high quality and I’m sure expensive.

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