Jason Kent - Aftermarket GarageI am not a professional mechanic but I take pride in fixing cars and not only keeping them going but making them better. I have average skills just like I would expect a lot of people who find this website. Please follow my advice at your own risk… sometimes I fix things but sometimes I make them worse!

This website is a work in progress, just like many of my automotive projects! I’ve thought about doing a website for years but I’ve always had the problem of over-planning and then not even getting to the point where I actually do something! This time I decided just to start this website and when I have an idea I put it on here to fine tune later which is why a lot of my posts seem incomplete. I am not a certified mechanic by any means so I’m simply showing things that I have done to maintain, repair or improve cars that I’ve owned. If you see a post on here that interests you but is missing information please let me know by commenting on the post and I’ll move it to the top of the list to get updated.

I want to make this site a place to find information about certain DIY automotive tasks and direct links to products, tools, videos, write-ups or documents that were helpful to me. So many times when I get a car I’d have to wade through owners manuals of forums to remind myself each time the type of oil, filter, etc. so I just wanted to put that info in one place. I think there is extreme value in proper automotive maintenance and keeping a car on the road longer is almost always a better alternative for the environment and your finances! Many times when people decide to get a new car it is because the car is giving them problems or it doesn’t have some of the modern conveniences that come with today’s autos, some of what I hope to do on this website is upgrade older cars with modern accessories such as rear view cameras, navigation, bluetooth connectivity, trip computers, OBDII readouts, etc.

I will also be compiling helpful links and excerpts from other websites on this site linking back to the original content. If I find articles, photo albums, videos or documents that I think will be helpful to someone I will post them here. If your content has found its way on here and you would rather it didn’t then please let me know and I will gladly remove it.

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