This is a great how-to video from Jason at FCP Euro about doing the timing belt service on a 2003 Volvo S60. It is important to change your timing belt at the recommended intervals to avoid a major engine failure which would almost certainly result in a lot of expensive repairs. I haven’t had to mess with the timing belt on our current S60 (yet) but this video did come in handy when I was troubleshooting a P0014 error code on our previous S60.

The main thing that was helpful to me were the tips on getting everything out-of-the-way to have easy access to the timing belt. I also re-watched the section about setting the tensioner several times just to make sure I was setting things up right. It’s important to note that the temperature affects where you set the timing tensioner. Ideally you would want the engine to be cold when performing this maintenance so the timing indicator would be lined up right in the middle. This graphic could be helpful if you had to do this in the dead of winter or in a hot garage on a 100 degree summer day. It would be still hard to get exact but it does give an idea of which way the indicator should be if it’s colder or hotter than 68 degrees.

Volvo S60 Timing Belt Replacement -  Timing belt Tensioner Temperature Guide

And finally, the a fore mentioned video:

The video is well put together and is a dream situation of where to do this service, in a nice shop with a lift and all the tools you might need. Most of you who attempt this won’t have the luxury of a lift or unlimited tools but it can still be accomplished. I’ve put together a list in the tabs above of the tools and parts required to get this job done in your own garage.

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